DCSI is an annual in-house conference for the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University. This year, DCSI will be held in Fall 2015. The primary objective of this conference each year is to strengthen the research community within the Faculty of Computer Science, especially among student researchers.

Recognizing that the publication cycle is an integral part of the graduate student experience, DCSI is also a venue for providing students with first-hand experience of an academic conference, from the initial peer-review process to the final presentation. It also allows student volunteers to further develop their leadership and teamwork skills by participating in the organization process.

Finally, DCSI serves as a two-way student liason for Computer Science research at Dalhousie, both by exposing students to the breadth of faculty research, and by showcasing novel student research to industry.

Featured Events

  • Keynote address by Dr. Kori Inkpen, Microsoft Research
  • Panel discussion on Ethical Implications of Automation
  • Industry Connect, networking and interaction with industry partners
  • Transition of Tech Research Into Start-ups, Presented by ShiftkeyLabs
  • Women in Computing Luncheon, sponsored by Microsoft