Unless otherwise stated, all events are held in CS 430 (Slonim Room)

September 28th (Wednesday)

10:30am Registration Opens

11:15am Opening Remarks

11:30am Opening Luncheon

12:30pm: Business Informatics

  • Ramkumar Velmurugan, Syed Shahzeb Hasnain and Abhinav Kalra. “An examination of the Ethereum Platform in the implementation of Universal Business Language use cases”.
  • Colin Conrad and Michael Bliemel. “Exploring how to Measure Cognitive Load and Cognitive Absorption using Commodity EEG”.

2:00pm: Human-Computer Interaction

  • Mrim Alnfiai and Srinivas Sampalli. “SingleTapBraille: Developing a text entry method based on braille patterns using a single tap”.

2:30pm: Shiftkey Democamp featuring student startups


  • GroupUs
  • Swap
  • StuGig
  • REP

3:30pm: Shiftkey Democamp featuring startups from Volta Labs


  • Dingbot
  • HealthQR
  • Swell Advantage
  • The Rounds
  • Zora

September 29th (Thursday)

10:30am: Ad-Hoc

  • Raghav Sampangi and Kristie Hawkey. "Who are you? IT Depends (On What You Ask Me!): Context-Dependent Dynamic User Authentication".
  • Emma Sylvester, Paul Bentzen, Ian Bradbury, Marie Clement and Robert Beiko. “Applications of Random Forest for SNP selection in individual assignment of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)”.

11:30am: Pizza Lunch

12:30pm: Natural Language Processing

  • Nisha Simon. “N-grams for Authorship Attribution in Text Mining”.
  • Hossein Mohammadhassanzadeh and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi. “Investigating a Plausible Reasoning Approach for Performing Semantics based Data Analytics”.
  • Armin Sajadi, Evangelos Milios and Vlado Keselj. “Vector Space Representation of Wikipedia Concepts:.

1:30pm: Presentation by Pharm3r, Silver Sponsor

2:00pm: Lightning Talks* (see attached list here)

3:30pm: IndustryConnect Presentations


  • T4G
  • Zora
  • Liferaft Inc.

6:00pm: Keynote Address featuring Dr. Zoran Obradovic, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Data Analytics (Temple University)

  • "Computational Methods for Early Diagnostics and Multiple Blood Cleansing Interventions in Sepsis"
  • To be held in CIBC Auditorium (Goldberg Computer Science Building Rm 127)

7:30pm: Public Networking Event and Poster Presentations

  • Maali Alabdulhafith and Srinivas Sampalli. "NFC-Based Framework for Checking the Five Rights of Medication Administration"
  • Maha Aljohani, Jamie Blustein and Kisrtie Hawkey. "Proposed Privacy Patterns for Privacy Preserving Healthcare Systems in Accord with Nova Scotia’s Personal Health Information Act"
  • Raghav Sampangi and Kristie Hawkey. "Secure Contexts: Context-Dependent, Dynamic, and Adaptive Security and Privacy"

September 30th (Friday)

10:15am: Privacy

  • Abdulhadi Alqarni and Srinivas Sampalli. “Enhancing User Behaviour Towards Privacy Settings in Social Networking Sites.”
  • Mohamad H Salimian, Derek Reilly, Stephen Brooks and Bonnie MacKay. “Physical-Digital Privacy for Mixed Reality Collaboration: An Exploratory Study”.

11:00am: Sandwich Lunch

12:00pm DCSI panel discussion

  • "The Future of Big Data: More than Just a Trend?"

1:45pm Data Mining

  • Baifan Hu, Xiang Jiang, Erico Souza, Ronald Pelot and Stan Matwin. “Identifying Fishing Activities from AIS Data with Conditional Random Fields”.
  • Sara Khanchi, Malcolm Heywood and Nur Zincir-Heywood. “On the Impact of Class Imbalance in GP Streaming Classification with Label Budgets”.

3:00pm: Wrap-up event and presentation of prizes