Below you will find all conference submissions sorted by their session. Each submission listing will have a submission name, a list of authors, and a link to the full text.

Note: All papers are made available here with permission from the authors. The authors retain the copyright of their work. DCSI does not require the authors to transfer copyright, nor do we publish these papers in any location other than this website.

LIT1: Lightning Talks

ChunkSumm: Extending BERT for Long Document Summarization 
Aman Jaiswal, Juan Ramirez-Orta and Evangelos Milios

Evaluating multiple YOLO deep learning models for detecting fish 
Faerie Mattins and Chris Whidden

Gesture and Form 
Shane Cote, Rowland Goddy-Worlu, Jordan Finner, Peter Halter, Abrar Bazara, Alexander Crosby, Derek Reilly, James Forren, Claire Nicholas, Katherine Perry

Unsupervised Image Classification of Fish Without the Inference of Cluster Number 
Akhilesh Varma Bhupathiraju and Christopher Whidden

Updating Story CreatAR for General Use 
Alex Furlotte, Alex Kotzeff, Rampreet Kaur, Derek Reilly

LIT2: Lightning Talks

Fish detection and classification using deep learning 
Kameswari Devi Ayyagari, Corey Morris, Joshua Barnes, and Christopher Whidden

Sketching as a Strategy to Solve Problems in Introductory Programming 
Sophie Blouin, Brent Crane, and Eric Poitras

Towards the Use of Generative Machine Learning for Synthesizer Patch Creation 
Matthew Peachey and Joseph Malloch

FULL1: Full Talks

Design of an Extended Reality Collaboration Architecture for Mixed Immersive and Multi-Surface Interaction 
Thiago Porcino, Seyed Adel Ghaeinian, Juliano Franz, Joseph Malloch, and Derek Reilly

Gender classification of Twitter comments using supervised methods 
Sima Rezaeipourfarsangi and Evangelos Milios

VizSSTA: a Hybrid Tablet and Augmented Reality Interface for Space Syntax Data Analysis 
Ramanpreet Kaur, Derek F Reilly, Hariprashanth Deivasigamini, and Hubert Hu Sathaporn

KATKA: A KRAKEN-like tool with $k$ given at query time 
Travis Gagie, Sana Kashgouli, and Ben Langmead